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Broxbourne & Bencroft Woods NNR - Car Park Refurbishment Works Update

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Broxbourne & Bencroft Woods NNR - Car Park Refurbishment Works Update


Broxbourne Woods West Car Park Completed 1

Over the last two years, CMS has been developing plans for a major refurbishment of the car parks at Broxbourne & Bencroft Wood National Nature Reserve (NNR). Since August 2013, Groundwork Hertfordshire has been working on-site with Honour & Son Landscape to transform the parking facilities. Funding for the works has been generously provided by Hertfordshire County Council and the Forestry Commission.



Car Parks Completed!
During one of the wettest winters on record, work has continued on the refurbishment of all four car parks, Broxbourne East & West and Bencroft East & West. Improvements have included the complete resurfacing and marking of parking bays, new drainage and the installation of new gates, seating and bollards.

Broxbourne Woods West Car Park Completed 2

The redesigned car parks have increased the parking capacity for the woods by using the existing space more effectively and have created a more welcoming environment for visitors to Hertfordshire's only National Nature Reserve. All the car parks are now fully open and are a great place from which people can explore the county's rare heathland and extensive ancient woods.


Almost There!
Work is almost complete on refurbishment of the car parks. The only remaining task is tarmacing of the entrance to Broxbourne West car park, which has been delayed by persistant rainfall over the last few weeks, but will be completed as soon as there is a break in the weather.


Broxbourne East Car Park Completed

Three down, one to go! Broxbourne Woods East car park has now re-opened following extensive refurbishment. This was the third of four car parks which are being extensively resurfaced, with new drainage, gates, seating and bollards. Work is now comencing at the final car park at Broxbourne West, which will be closed for the the duration. 

Over the last couple of years the Countyside Management Service (CMS) has developed plans for a major refurbishment of the car parks at Broxbourne & Benecroft Woods National Nature Reserve (NNR) as part of long term plans to transform Hertfordshire’s only NNR for people and wildlife.


The refurbishment of the Broxbourne Wood east car park continues to progress. The car park which will provide more spaces and a much better surface, already has a more open, more secure feel to it. The east car park is closed until works are complete.

However, the forestry operations based in the west car park have been completed and this car park has been restored to a usable condition and is now open. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by these works.


Bencroft East Car Park Complete 

After a slight delay, the East car park at Bencroft Wood has now re-opened following extensive refurbishment.  Work will now continue on the remaining car parks.


  Broxbourne Car Parks in Progress

Work has been progressing on Bencroft East car park and is almost complete, however there has been some delays caused by difficulties in sourcing the nescessary materials.  As a result both car parks at Bencroft Wood are currently closed, though Bencroft East should re-open during the week beginning 7th October.


Contractors are making good progress. The parking area is now fully laid out, timber edging installed, base layer compacted and granite sets inserted to mark out the new parking bays. 

  Bencroft Wood East Car Park Aug 13

Work has now started at Bencroft East, on White Stubbs Lane and should take approximately four weeks. Disruption will be kept to a minimum, with each car park being closed in turn during the improvements. Bencroft West, also on White Stubbs Lane will be closed next and will also take around 4 weeks to complete.

Broxbourne Woods Car Park works

Broxbourne Woods Car Park before works 1

Broxbourne West and then East car parks will be refurbished during September with works due to be completed by mid October.

Broxbourne Woods Car Park before works 2

Broxbourne Woods Car Park before works 3